Gatekeeper: An Authentication & Authorization Library


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The Gatekeeper library is a simple drop-in library that can be used to manage users, permissions and groups for your application. The goal is to make securing your application as simple as possible while still providing a solid and secure foundation to base your user system around.

Gatekeeper is best classified as a Role-Base Access Control (RBAC) system with users, groups and permissions. It is framework-agnostic and is set up to use its own database for the user handling.

Gatekeeper provides a standard NIST Level 2 Role Based Access Control system that also includes support for child permissions and child groups supported in a tree structure.


If you have any questions or suggestions about this library, please let me know by adding an issue in the Gatekeeper Issues list on GitHub.

Thanks! I hope you find Gatekeeper useful!

Chris Cornutt